We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

The conclusion to my series on personal safety and my relationship with the internet will have to wait. Much to my surprise, mother nature has given me one heck of an interruption. If it keeps raining, I’ll be under water, so to speak.

flood4I thought I was in pretty good shape and on high ground. I was bragging to my family about being safe compared to others in my community. Now I’m wondering how much worse it’s going to get. I’m also regretting not buying that two-man kayak I had my eyes on a couple of months ago. I may be paddling my way out of here before long.

I jest, really, I do. We’ll be okay one way or the other. So many citizens around me may not be, however. The local news is getting interesting.  Most roads are impassable around me.  Here’s where I emphasize the need for prepping.  My fridge and pantry have been grossly neglected.  My normal stash of emergency supplies is dwindling.  I try to rotate my dry goods to make sure I don’t get any unpleasant surprises in the event of a real emergency requiring me to stay holed up for an extended period of time.  But, I do have enough supplies to get us through this mess.  That is, as long as the power doesn’t go out.  We’ll eat.  It just may not be what my husband and son would prefer for a meal.  Hey, it’s not so easy to fake junk food when the fridge is missing key ingredients or if they’ve gone bad.

flood 9So, we’re not going anywhere.  It’s too dangerous out there.  Every now and then, I look out my windows to see how bad it’s getting.  Not too long ago, I looked out my windows and was amazed.  There was water everywhere!  The empty lot next door is almost always a swamp.  Lately, it has been worse because of my air conditioning issues dumping water to the low-lying area until I can build a French drain and fix the issues with my return well.

With the rain still coming down, I ventured out to the street to take pictures.  It was only after I came inside and started uploading pictures that I realized how close I am to being compromised.  I’m only a few inches away from my well pump being under water and losing my air conditioning yet again.  I’ve spent almost two years trying to fix issues with my geothermal system because nobody in my area is truly an expert in such things.  I can’t lose my pump now!

pump house flood 2 pump house flood

To give you an idea, I have to show you the bigger picture.  Behind my house is a large open, grassy area (also known as a golf course fairway).  Somewhere on the other side of this is a small pond.  That pond now reaches into my back yard.

flood 1flood 2

I’m not exactly on high ground.  There is none around here.  However, I really thought I would have no worries with water.  I’m not far from a river, but I’m not in a floodplain.  I thought my biggest problem would be trees uprooting from saturated ground.  After the winds last night, I’m surprised I don’t have downed trees.

flood 10

It’s not over yet, but so far so good.  The rain has slowed enough to let the natural drainage of our area work it’s magic, and I could get my car out of the driveway if I felt the need.  There’s more rain to come, though, and it’s a mess out there.  You should see the troubles I’ve seen on the local news.  Roads are closed.  Sink holes have opened up.  People are riding their pontoon boats out of town.

chile hazelnut So how are we really doing at our house?  We’re dealing with it the same way we deal with any storm.  We’re having a party.  Maybe one day soon, I’ll introduce you to my newest drink creation.  It involves an ancho chile liquor, a hazelnut liquor, and coffee however you take it.  I’m thinking you sweet tooths out there might like it better in hot chocolate!  If I have the energy (and the electric power) tomorrow, I’ll make a batch and show you pictures.  Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy this one with coffee.  Yes, that’s a mason jar.  Hey, I’m embracing the local heritage and having a little fun!

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