A Citizen’s Right

I hope you researched your candidates.  I hope you’re up to date on current events.  I hope you looked at the big picture before a ballot was cast.  Voting based on a single issue is so short sighted.  I hope you payed attention in history classes.  As Edmond Burke once said, “Know your history, or you are doomed to repeat it.”

After all, Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

I hope you looked at each and every candidate for every office up for election on the ballot this year.  I hope you weighed the pros and cons of each and every single one.  I hope you carefully considered any agendas on your ballot.  I hope you considered the cost of each.  I hope you considered how each item on the ballot will affect you.  How much will you have to pay in taxes to get what you voted for?

Wherever you are, if you didn’t consider any of the above, I hope you didn’t vote.  Believe it or not, your vote has power.  It especially has power on the local level.  If you only payed attention to the presidential candidates, you just might be cutting your community short.  If you voted down party lines, that’s your right, and you probably were right in your choices for yourself.  Or not… do you know for sure?

Today, in the United States, it was a very important day.  I hope you voted responsibly.



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